Custom programs

Whether it’s a two-day training for an SME or a 1-year development program for an international company, our customised courses provide solutions for your employees.

A tailor-made solution

From strategy to operations, our customized programs provide efficient solutions for your employees and prepare them for the challenges ahead. Personalized program delivery format will be determined by the needs of your organization in collaboration with our faculty members.

Our Expertise

  • Our intensive relationship with the local market

  • The newest learning tools (online formats, gamification and more)

Our Faculty

  • A broad network of experts in every field

  • An international faculty of academics and business leaders

Our Dedication

A dedicated team for your project

A custom-made solution for your company

Our Methodology

Analyzing your needs

The goal in a first phase is to outline the needs, challenges, and objectives of your company to add value with a tailor-made program. This is achieved through intensive dialogue with the client

Design of the solution

Our faculty will then determine the format, content and teaching methods of the program. They will create a structured approach and the steps needed for the goal that has been set.

Delivery of the program

Our programs are delivered using a large range of learning tools such as classroom sessions, role plays, case studies, work projects, and coaching.

Results follow up and evaluation

During and after the delivery of the solution, participants are asked for feedback on all aspects of the programme to make course adjustments, secure goal achievement and evaluate the results.